Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I said to him I had loved you.

Hello, readers.

It's raining and I'm in a cafe called Gorilla.

There are sparkly lights and photographs and something like bear skins along one wall which aren't really bear skins at all but tapestries of abstract somethings cut out in the shape of a bear skin.

Not sure what any of this has to do with a Gorilla.

I've been making the round of cafes to write in. One was called Myoll and had several stuffed E.T.s in a wagon parked outside and a full-size VW van parked inside from which coffees were dispensed.

Another was called mk2. So far as I know, there is no mk1.

I think names here are more for decoration than anything else.

Tomorrow, my students begin taking their mid-terms. This means the teachers get to leave at eleven. The students also get to leave at eleven so that they can study for the next day's tests.

The mood in the teacher's room is like that last week of school before summer vacation. The mood outside the room is a bit more of the impending doom variety.

Today, one of my students, practicing have and had and other such time related nouns, wrote the several sentences, "I said to him I went to the park. I said to him I had gone. I said to him I had loved you."

Maybe the rain got to her.

In other, sunnier news, there's a new Best Coast song. And also I discovered the Best Coasty blog which has music on it you might like if you like Best Coast.

There's a picture of a cat with sunglasses on their blog so you know it's awesome.

Happy whatever day it is when and where you're reading this, readers.


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