Sunday, October 24, 2010

Escalators. Fire. Hello.

Hello, readers.

Of late, two people have made mention to me of the existence of this blog and pondered as to my own continued existence.

In honor of them, and to solidify my still-existing state, here are pictures and words.
Two weeks ago, I visited Busan for the film festival. There, I saw five films, of which one I loved without qualification, one I loved with some surprise, and one was about two very old and very child-like brothers who were washed away to a far-away land during their childhood. That movie featured a dead Nazi paratrooper on the beach and American submariners who spoke with Eastern European accents. The other two films I saw I've mostly succeeded in forgetting.

Giant sign. Normal-sized people.

Time of Eve, a wonderful movie about robots.

Actors, photographer, and a ghost.
Many films were at a cinema located inside the world's largest department store. The place is called Shinsegae. Inside they have an ice rink. On the roof, there is a park.  I was fascinated by the escalators for some reason.

Not an escalator.

I am of course also fascinated by people dancing with fire. This was last night in Hongdae Park. 

More later, as always, readers..


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