Sunday, August 29, 2010

Film Festivals and The Meaning of Life

Hello, readers.

I've begun watching The Mighty Boosh. My life has found meaning.

In other news, there are many film festivals in Seoul. Some of which are happening now, and some of which will be happening soon. (And one or two of which are already over but their posters were nifty).

Here are posters with clickable captions.

Seoul Art Cinema is cool. Cinevacances

SteamCute poster for Chungmuro International Film Festival

Science fiction festival at a science museum.

Hrm. Abstract snail people?

Small town. Cool fest. Over now.


Happy filmicness, readers.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Where Have You Been?

Hello, readers.

You've asked an excellent question.

Here's your answer.

I went on a trip. It began on the east coast of Korea, in the town of Gangneung. I visited two beaches called Gyeongpo and Jeongdongjin. These beaches are famous for their sunrises because they are on the east coast and you know how it is with the east and sunrises. It was not disappointing. On my first morning in Gyeongpo (which is where I stayed), I woke up at 5:30 and went to the beach and swam as the sun rose. Eventually the lifeguards came and said it was too early to swim but it was already too late because I was swimming back to shore.

One woman kept dunking another woman in the ocean. I took pictures.

Other things in Gyeongpo include a Thomas Edison museum. I do not know why there is a Thomas Edison on the east coast of Korea, but there is. It was focused on the miraculousness of light, sound, and picture which Edison, with his light bulb, gramophone, and motion picture cameras, helped to make more conveniently and controllably miraculous. It was a fun museum. There was an exhibit of light fixtures from across the decades, including ones designed to impress people at museums and world fairs. An attendant flicked a switch and they went flashy. They also played really old sound canisters and gramophones, with records from the twenties and canisters from when they used canisters.

It exists.

One thing I learned was that it was smart to hang around when a Korean tour group came into an exhibit because usually the tour guide would flick a switch or play music.

Another thing there was a hall of TVs from the very first tubular wonder on up till the late 80s. This was very nostalgic and profound. TV has pretty much been the most important thing ever.

If you watch TVs long enough, the TVs will watch you.
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