Friday, January 21, 2011

Freaks and Geeks

Hello, readers.

I am listening to American Beauty by The Grateful Dead. Just keep that in mind.

Today, on the last Thursday of winter camp, my students made a music video. I promised them that I would not post it on either YouTube or my blog. They did not say I couldn't describe it, though.

There are three girls in this class. One of them seems shy, and plays with her hair, and loves heavy metal music. One of them seems very not shy--once, unasked, she came to the board and borrowed my marker and drew a picture of what she was trying, and failing, to describe--but she begged, for a time, to not have to do a music video. The third girl is quiet and funny.

The thing they did was take a K-Pop song by The Wonder Girls called, "So Hot," and transform it from a look at us we're clean and pretty and hot video into a rant and satire against what people think girls are supposed to be. It included much fawning cuteness (animal ear hoodies) and simulated nose-picking (black markers were used). In the end, they decided, however messy and uncute and uncool they are, they are still "so hot." It was fun and encouraging.

The other thing I did today was watch the last four episodes of Freaks and Geeks. 

This is one of my favorite scenes. It features a character named Bill being alone and happy. It was described to me once at a bar by a friend of mine who's name, in fact, was Bill. Neither of us were alone at the time, but we were also happy.

While watching the scene here, in Korea, I remembered Bill describing it to me and it was kind of like watching it together.

It's amazing the different ways different people at different times can be happy.

The other thing I did today was wish that everyone who ever needed to watch Freaks and Geeks could see it.

I wonder if they have a Korean translation.

Happy whatever day it is, readers, wherever and whoever you are. If you're not sure where or who you are--that's okay. You're not alone.


p.s. On Saturday, I will be in Tokyo.

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