Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hello, readers.

Of late, I've been reading Turntable Kitchen. It's a blog about food and music and these are both good things. What they do is pick an artist, album, or a song, and pair it with some kind of food stuff. Sometimes it is something like The New Pornographer's "Together" with a Chicken Tortilla Soup and dreams of summer. Sometimes it is Finnish Cardamom Buns and The Vagrants, "I Can't Make A Friend: 1965-1968." They have a nice mix of music for March, here.

Today I visited a cafe called Cafe Harunohee for the second time in a week. It is a cafe oft-mentioned and loved (and sometimes used as an art and food exhibition hall) by the alien from aliensdayout. Besides it having a spectacular name that rhymes with itself, it also serves up a nice array of caffeinated beverages and foods and sweets, of which a great deal are vegan-able. There is also--tucked away in a ceiling nook, next to some sort of pomegranate-related box--a Gundam robot. I'm going to assume it's like a gargoyle and will protect all in Harunohee from mega-beasts and other, more evil, giant robots.

On Sunday, on my first visit, I had a nicely foamy soy latte and a bit of disappointment that they had no food to eat on the weekends. But, as I was told, they would have food during the week. So, I finished my drink, and read some more of Swamplandia!, and went home, with thoughts to return.

And so, this being Wednesday, and solidly in the week, I visited again. I ordered a lunch set and was brought some buckwheat tea to drink as I waited. It was yummy.

The food turned out to be curry, which was nice, with so-gogi, which is Korean for beef and also nice, though not something I wanted to eat. Sometimes I forget to say things I should say. They were quite understanding and said they would eat the curry and made me the food they generally serve on Thursday and Friday, which is a sprout bibimbab. Since I can't have the red pepper paste generally poured on such things (gluteny), they sprinkled some sesame oil on instead. This was also yummy. As was the espresso afterward.

The alien happened to stop by while I was there, and so, just in case, Hello, again.

On the bus back home, I opened a window. It was bright and breezy and just warm enough. I listened to  Neko Case, Asobi Seksu, and The New Pornographers. I dreamed not of summer so much as spring, which in Korea lasts for about two weeks. You have to be prepared, or you'll miss it.

Happy such and so forth, readers. Try not to get involved in too many wars.


p.s. Yes, you are right. These pictures are not from Harunohee. These are pictures of food I ate this week. Next time I go, I'll take pictures. Promise. Or, you could just look here.

p.p.s. Completed a review of The Secret History of Fantasy for Strange Horizons and will let you know when it is readable, readers.

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