Friday, November 4, 2011

All Books Are Weird

Kelly Link writes a particularly wonderful brand of odd.

Look. All books are weird when you think about it. I just read a ter­rific quote from an arti­cle by Edward Docx, “Among the Rus­sians,” in which he and a group of Russ­ian writ­ers are talk­ing about writ­ing. Out of that con­ver­sa­tion comes this description:
Decid­ing to write a novel is like vis­it­ing an obscure, half-forgotten and slowly-evaporating planet entirely com­prised of swim­ming pools and decid­ing that what is needed is… yes, another swim­ming pool! But, for obscure rea­sons, a swim­ming pool that must be built single-handedly from scratch and then filled using only a syringe.
Read the rest of her interview at the Weird Fiction Review, wherein you will learn she's currently being disturbed by old, North Hampton farmhouses in Colson Whitehead's Zone One, and she was once an editor with The Greensboro review.

I had forgotten she was, like so many of us*, once an MFA student..

Of note, she will be an instructor, along with Gavin Grant, at the next Clarion West.

ttfn, readers.

*And by us, of course, I mean me and other people I know who were once MFA students. If you are not a former MFA student, that's okay. There's still time.

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