Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whedon, Pirates, and Aliens. It must be Tuesday.

Hello, readers. Despite certain melancholic implications, this blogger's heart still beats. My throat hurts less. As does my head. And things in general no longer sound like the ocean, except for sometimes the hospice room where my Dad currently resides. Oxygen machines remind me of scuba diving.

But on to more subjectical matters.

The Nebula Awards were announced a few days ago. Winners include Ursula K. Le Guin for her novel, Powers, John Kessel for his novelette, Pride and Prometheus, and also WALL-E, which is, as far as I'm concerned, the greatest sci-fi musical since Dr. Horrible.

Speaking of which, Joss Whedon won the Ray Bradbury award. Due to his being apparently lost in the woods, Jane Espenson accepted the award on his behalf. He sent in a video acceptance speech, though, in which he discusses The Future!, as well as his work and it's debt to Ray Bradbury. "Nobody made fi-sci more human," Whedon says. Watch and admire and laugh as the mood strikes you.

More silliness may be found in this picture by Erin Ptah, wherein a buxom pirate battles a well-endowed alien who appears to be preparing to give himself a shave. It's part of a free-online anthology of science fiction and fantasy stories and art called, Thoughtcrime Experiments.

Also, an article of mine, "Imagining the Perfect Man: Science Fiction and the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin," has been published at Strange Horizons. It's quite silly, too. There's talk of apocalyptic balloon warfare, for example.

Happy Tuesday, readers.


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