Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Speaking of Love...

Went to a wedding today. A very Catholic wedding, in fact. The bride and groom knelt and many readings were read. There was a surprising amount of call and response. Also, there was the groom's sister, off in a corner, singing quite lovely songs about love and a man named Yahweh. It was rather nice.

Afterwards, there was a reception. This took place not in the church, but in a little house across the street. There was much food. Many various meats and cheeses, some of which were cheddar and from Australia, which is where the bride hailed from. And also there was freshly roasted pig, home-made barbeque sauce, potato salad, actual salad, and various sorts of cake. One kind was a dark, dense fudge cake upon which one added whipped cream and rasberry sauce. Other kinds were strawberry and hummingbird cupcakes. I sampled all of these things. And also drank beer, wine, and coffee.

It was sometime after this that I wore a pair of Blu-Blocker sunglasses and danced with my bitter ghost friend to a techno version of "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Those two things I didn't actually do at the same time, though. That would've been silly. The sunglasses I wore while dancing to something old and sad, possibly by the Chantelles.

It was, all in all, a fun day in which probably too many cupcakes were eaten and two people pledged to spend the rest of their lives together, no matter what. And I meant at this point to say something funny and/or interesting about faith and indulgence, but instead I'm just going to write this sentence about thinking of those things.

Happy Memorial Day, readers.


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