Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Hello, readers.

I'm in Oxford. It must be Tuesday.

By Oxford, I mean the one in Mississippi. We only have the one red telephone box.

And by Tuesday, I mean the day between Monday and Wednesday. The one named after someone I can't remember but will look up presently. Also it's a reference to a show I sometimes used to watch all the time.

In other news, I did visit a cemetery in Louisiana, but not the one that wonked out electrical devices. It was an old Catholic cemetery a few blocks from my friend's house. The tombs were generally above ground types, one or two the size of small sheds. There was also a giant tree stump nicely placed near the center.

It was not a particularly scary graveyard. The grass was green. The number of shadowy alcoves fairly few. The community seems to use it as a dog park. My friend suggested I take his dog, Wyatt, for a walk there. When we arrived, a man and his three dogs were already playing fetch among the tombs. Eventually, they left though, and Wyatt and I walked quietly among the dead, noting names and dates. Most of the people there had been alive in the mid-eighteenth century. Some of them had been named Pujo.

I was glad Wyat was with me. Not because of the possibility of ghosts, so much as that before entering the cemetery, a man walking with a slight lean, and also carrying half a brick, seemed to follow us for a while. He was not a ghost so far as I know. He did have an odd laugh.

Happy Harry Potter Day, readers.


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