Saturday, July 25, 2009

Not Thursday

Hello, readers.

It's not Thursday anymore, and so, today, we shall not be literary. We'll try comic booky instead. It is the time of Comic-Con, after all. You can tell because google has transformed their logo into a heroic mosaic of various superheroes, a thing I found out about because my sister said to me yesterday, "Have you seen google today?"

This was another reminder we live in the future.

Speaking of the end of the world, look at this:

Horrifying, I know. And yet, must hug, must hug.

Related news, once upon a time, my sister and I won tickets to comic-con. We were in Hollywood for a Buh-Bye Buffy Bash. This was May of 2003. We were going home in a week and had no way to fly back out to San Diego for the convention. We had to sell the tickets. It was tragic.

Possibly happier news: Sam Raimi, of horror and camp fame (also he directed Spiderman), has been tapped to direct a World of Warcraft movie.

Neil Gaiman battles Kevin Smith. The term miscreant gets thrown around. Scroll to the bottom of the post for the action. You should read the whole thing, though. There's fun Gaiman stories of being famous and hanging with fabulous people who occasionally die.

Last night, hung out at my sister's house with Mom. We ate chicken fajita things. She gave me Guyanese rum. I played some Neko Case. It was nice. We only rarely talked of missing Comic-Con that time. Tragic, as I said.

Happy Friday, true believers.

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