Monday, April 12, 2010

Umbrellas and Other Nice Things. Some scary things, too.

Hello, readers.

It's raining in Seoul, but it's warm and so not so bad. Currently, or rather, just before I started typing this, I was eating some banana bread which tasted surprisingly like banana bread considering I cooked it in a broiler oven I'm fairly certain was meant to be used only for fish.

Here's a picture of the button which leads me to the fish conclusion:

The button on the left, I'm assuming, is for cooking moons.

In other news, I've yet to buy an umbrella. Because I didn't pack one, this means when it rains I tend to get wet. Tonight, though, on my way home from teaching an after school class that seemed somehow not one of my best attempts at teaching, a car rolled to a stop beside me, the window rolled down, and there was one of my after-school kids. "Teacher. Umbrella," she said.

And so now I have an umbrella.

Here's other things you should be aware of:

Doctor Who is coming back this month. The AV Club covers the entirety of the show's history here. The article is bigger on the inside.

Marinating tofu in soy sauce, garlic, and green pepper, makes it taste better when you fry it.

I think that last week I may have traumatized my advanced after school class. I discussed movies and soundtracks with them. We listened to some of Amelie, Star Wars, Casablanca, Kill Bill, Love, Actually, and figured on how they affect what we feel.

Then I played the lullaby from Pan's Labyrinth without telling them what movie it was from and asked them to draw a scene, or picture, it brought to mind.

This is what they drew.

1) Romeo and Juliet. Juliet crying on the balcony. Romeo, kicked out of the castle, standing as a shadow in the trees, watching his love weep.

2) A very sad princess who is crying and saying things like, "I am very sad."

3) A small ghost who is a girl and carries a bloody knife.

4) A girl hanging from a tree. Not the good kind of hanging, either.

5) And, last but definitely most imaginative and scary and oddly fitting, a young girl being stabbed in the heart by the tree who loved her. She, you understand, did not love the tree the way the tree loved her. She loved a boy. The boy in this scene is at a safe distance from the tree, looking on at his lost love, playing a pan flute.

At the end of class, I played some more Love, Actually.

It is my Tuesday after school class, what now I will go plan for.

Till the future, readers.


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