Saturday, May 8, 2010

Trust your story. Also, Starship Sofas. They seem safe.

Hello, readers.

Three things.

1) Watch this. It's Neil Gaiman reading his poem, "Instructions," over a video of Charles Vess' illustrations.

2) StarShipSofa, a British podcastic science fiction magazine hosted by Tony Smith--and the first podcast to ever be nominated for a Hugo, made a brief mention of "The Blue Wonder" on their April 27th show. It comes up during the Fiction Crawler segment done by Mathew Sanborn Smith. In the description, Mr. Smith says many kind and thoughtful things about the story. Near the end, he describes it as perhaps being Post-Post-Watchmen, which, I think, emphasizes how important and awesome Watchmen is, that it, like Modernism, has now earned the distinction of being so definitive as to still be the point of comparison two posts into the future. Well done, Alan Moore.

And thanks to Mr. Smith for the thoughtful and kind words.

While you're there, don't skip "The Ray Gun: A Love Story" by James Alan Gardner. Not that you would, of course. How could you skip a story with a title like that?

3) Lastly, it's come to my attention, through failing to type correctly, that a one-day Gospel Music Archive plans on existing at this address: Just thought I'd give you a heads up.

Here are some pictures, some of which are of the new cedar bits previously mentioned.

There are many crosses in Seoul. Many of them outlined in red. Not all of them have cranes behind them, though, and so this one was special.

These two are from Namdaemun, a giant market, where I bought new glasses and shoes and avoided the copious amounts of fried goodness.

This would be from Cafe MMMG, which is a whimsical design studio/coffee shop where they sell journals, bags, post cards, and other things of their own design.

This is a jazz bar where, on Thursday night, a lady named Lynn Cardona sang jazz songs. After this, at another bar, she drank a very dirty Martini. I have no pictures of that, I'm afraid.

Cedar and books and spices.


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