Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Hello, readers.

Summer school has begun this week, which reminds me of that one Mark Harmon movie with the girl from Melrose Place. It was called, Summer School. There was a scene where Mark Harmon teaches the kids how to write a letter of complaint to a sunglasses company. I mention this because it's the only scene I remember from that noble piece of entertainment.

In other news, the future, as has been pointed out, either doesn't exist, has already existed, or is, in fact, now.

Evidence for the nowness of the future is these things three.

Tor.com has decided that it's not enough to offer their stories online for free, they must make them available "on a bunch of e-book platforms...for 99 cents each."

Amazon notes that e-books, in recent months, have out-sold hardbacks. Of note, hardbacks cost around $25 and up. E-books cost $9.99. Also, of note, hardbacks have mass, and so, weigh down backpacks and airplanes. E-books are, of course, imaginary, and so much lighter.

Australia has decided the best way to cool down is to drill 3,000 meters into the earth, pump down water, bring it back hot, and then use an "absorption chiller" to cool down the water. If that doesn't make sense to you, readers, I'm afraid you must be stuck in the past--that magical made-up land where sense was make-able.

Happy Today, readers.



  1. WHAT GIRL FROM MELROSE PLACE????? How did I not know someone from MP was in Summer School? (I mean, I could look it up on IMDB, but that's no fun.)

  2. I do not know how you could not know such things and yes this is more fun.

    The girl in question is Courtney Thorne-Smith.

    If I remember any other random MP sightings, I'll pass them along.

  3. I am loving "Pretty Little Liars" because it stars both Chad Lowe and the woman who played Sydney on MP. Plus, Holly whats-her-name from Charmed. (Which I never watched after the first season. But still.)