Sunday, July 11, 2010

That Vampire Movie

Hello, readers.

This week a foreign movie about vampires premiered in Seoul. It included a lot of romance, teenagers, sparkling, German accents, and soccer. A lot of soccer, actually. German, too.

It looked like this. It was called Wild Soccer Bunch 5, and was part of the Seoul International Youth Film Festival. The plot concerns a group of seemingly supernaturally good soccer playing kids who happen, as these things do, to run into a group of vampires who not only possess a terrifying amount of unrestrained sexuality, but are also pretty good at soccer.

The vampires steal one of the soccer bunch and so the soccer bunch go in search. Their search lasts ten months, or five minutes, depending on how you measure these things. During those ten months a song plays which describes their search and posits that only the wind truly knows you are alive. The wind never really gets mentioned again after this.

Eventually, the humans and vampires play soccer, and, well, I won't spoil who wins.

I will spoil that the humans ride motorcycles, that the vampires count among their number a set of twins named Terry and Mary, and that, the whole thing ends up being a surprisingly funny, nonsensical, and unsubtly sexual romp, in which sometimes people get turned to stone and believing in fairy tales turns out to be the key to not living life as a dead person, erm, vampire.

It might have seemed less nonsensical if one had seen movies one through five. Then again, during the credits, when the actors bowed (yes, bowed), and clips from the previous movies played, I noticed that the past movies seemed a bit light on motorcycles and vampires and so, maybe, at some point there was a Mad Max style apocalypse, or, possibly the director just decided the fifth movie was the right time to introduce to his young audience the true stakes of love and death (Oh, dear. I've punned.)

I don't know. But, I think, maybe some research is warranted.

Happy Sunday, readers.


p.s. Here's a poster.

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