Saturday, December 19, 2009

Best of: Late to the Party

Hello, readers. It's been awhile.

At the moment, I'm ensconced in the corner of a monkey watching John Green eat pizza.

This has inspired me to list the top five music discoveries I discovered this past decade which I was fairly late to the party on.

1) Neutral Milk Hotel. In the Aeroplane Over the Sea is the kind of song I would want played at my funeral if I have to die, which seems to be the case from all available evidence.

2) Radiohead. Yes. It's true. I didn't listen to Radiohead until this decade.

3) The Beatles. Yes. This is worse. They were popular a while back. I heard their songs. Did not really listen until recently. They're quite good, actually.

4) Weezer. The Green Album saved my life. Not literally, of course. Completely unliteral thing. Mostly it just made me happy.

5) Elliot Smith. XO, among other things.

There. Okay. That was in no particular order that I know. Now I'm going to drive away from this monkey and get food.

Here's a quote before I go, though.

"There's nothing left to do but be awesome."

Think about it.

ttfn, readers.

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