Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hooray for Everything

Hello, readers.

Hope the holidays have treated you well so far. If you're one of those who find all this happily and merrily stuff rather annoying, though, then, well, just wait a bit longer and then it will be the New Year and your happy cynicism can be directed at people's silly resolutions. That's always fun.

Speaking of which, here were some of mine.

Of the ones I didn't forget about entirely, I'm happy to say I accomplished a fair amount, including number 4: Fail spectacularly at something. That one was fun, if a bit tragic.

In other news, there's a story up at Fiction Weekly called "Jellyfish and Dragon Tattoos." It's rollicking and funny and includes lines like, "Such mystery," and "Fuck off, pilgrim." I tweeted about it already. So, in order to add value here, I've decided to search the author's name, Faith Gardner, on the internet.

It turns out that besides writing about giant crabs from outer space, she sometimes sings by herself and also with other people.

The other people are a band called, Hooray for Everything.

What's funny is that was my exact thought at the end of "Jellyfish and Dragon Tattoos."

Such mystery.

Happy everything, readers.


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