Saturday, December 12, 2009

Mermaids. Magic. Girls On Roller Skates.

Hello, readers.

If ever you wondered what is in my mind when writing these things, look here. Read the bit in quotes. That pretty much says everything you need to know.

Other things you could know, though, include:

Last night, at the Goon Presents Burlesque, there was magic, mermaids, and the Nashville Rollergirls. I was most surprised by the Rollergirls. They dressed in corsets and stockings and rolled out between bits to collect whatever was left behind on stage: namely beds, radios, and, erm, clothes. Their skating about added a nice bit of wheeled whimsy to everything.

Also whimsical was the hula-hooping of Sadie Twist. She's a member of Music City Burlesque which had several members performing.

All the girls were quite lovely, as was the crowd, who hooted and hollered in the most innocent manner you can imagine a crowd hooting and hollering at lovely girls dancing about and dropping things of societal importance.

Here's a picture of some of those girls done by La Photographie Nashville (who also did the one of Sadie to your left up there).

And here's a girl on roller skates with R2d2 (taken at the final 2009 bout):

ttfn, readers.

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