Thursday, February 11, 2010

Saving the Sagging British Corduroy Industry

Hello, readers.

Yesterday was the birthday of many things, including: people, musical invasions, and at least one famous person's blog.

Of the many people whose birthday it was, one was me.

In the morning, I ate some oatmeal, watched it snow, and wrote, among other things, a letter to a friend about love and time and watching it snow.

Later, my sister fed me some roasted beets with goat cheese and helped me, along with my Mom, watch last week's episode of Lost in which there was more AlternaTime, as well as a dead person who was no longer dead but possibly infected with a darkness that "if it reached his heart, he would be forever changed."

Before any of those things happened, though, my sister and I visited Asheville and spent a lovely time with our cousin (whose birthday also happened this past week) and her troupe of friends. If you're ever in the area, readers, and thirsty, then go to Jack of the Wood. They serve several mean porters and some very pleasant scotch. Also, Sunday night is Tom Waits night. If you're hungry, then go to Katmahndu Cafe, which serves some delicious Aloo Gobhi (potato and cauliflower and awesome) and will possibly, if you ask politely, bring you some Kheer (rice pudding) even when it's lunchtime and really they don't serve dessert then.

And before any of that before happened, CBS filed this report about "Beatle land, formerly known as Britian."

Happy wibbly wobbly timey wimey, readers.


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