Thursday, February 4, 2010

The world is lazy. And full of spoilers.

Hello, readers.

Lost's last season premiered last night. In deference to those who haven't seen it, I'll simply say that I enjoyed it and also: [Spoiler]at what point did this become a kung-fu movie?[Spoiler]

In other news, I've been reading a lot of things. Mostly things on the internet because that's how us kids do it in our particular version of reality.

Here's a sampling of such with the requisite clickable bits.

The top ten Korean films of all-time collated by PopSeoul. All-time here means, so far as I can tell, sometime after 1999. If you're more into timelines than lists, here you go.

Paste asks "Is Indie Dead," a reference to Time's 1966 article of similar cultural importance, "Is God Dead?". Time left the question unanswered. Paste does not, presumably because there's less chance of going to hell if they've got it wrong. [Spoiler]The answer is apparently yes, indie is dead.[Spoiler]

Unless your Manohla Dargis, who writes about "The Coming Revolution in Indie Distribution." [Spoiler] It involves the internet. Henry Jenkins makes an appearance, too.[Spoiler]

Finally, this article at Fiction Writers Review, "Writing the Great American Novel Video Game," attempts to refute the old adage that "video games do not art make," famously said by many an older gentleman named Rogert Ebert or Owen Gleiberman. It's a bit of a long article, and comes off at times rather like a commercial, but [Spoiler]it means well.[Spoiler]

And now, before anyone else says it: [Spoiler]AlternaJack.[Spoiler].

You heard it here first.

Happy Multiverse, readers.


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