Monday, May 2, 2011

Vegan Bakesale

Hello, readers.

I am sitting at my kitchen table. It is a very small kitchen, and a much smaller table. Much of the table is covered by cookies and truffles and Cyndi Laupers.

Also, I've opened the windows and there's a nice breeze. Sometimes it smells like sesame oil.

Yesterday, I promised pictures and words concerning the Vegan Bakesale Fundraiser what occurred this past rainy Sunday at a bar in Itaewon called Roofer's. Enjoy.

This would be the table with many, many people buying things. People bought so many things that, in fact, the bakesale raised 942,000 won to aid Mercy Corps and JEARS in their efforts to save humans and animals in Japan.

The things the many, many people were buying looked like this.

A table of yum. Cupcakes and pies and brownies and truffles and, well, let's get a bit closer, shall we. Note: You can see the alien and Sae Hee (baker of the majority of gluten free stuffs and blogger at VeganBeats) in these pictures. One of them owns an animal-shaped pencil case and princess umbrella. I will leave it up to you, readers, to decide who is who and what is owned by whom. I enjoy being needlessly mysterious.

These are Cyndi Lauper sugar cookies. They are named this, I assume, because they are what one wants to eat when the working day is done. Some of them were in the shape of people. I do so enjoy biting the heads off of things.

This is a name-tag for the cookies. The circled bit in the corner is not an indication that they came from the 6th floor, but that they are gluten free. There was a whole corner of gluten free wonder. Here's some more.

Until yesterday, I had never heard of this carob, a delicious sort of almost chocolate like raisiny thing that dogs, and humans, can equally enjoy without worry.

Ah, tropical yum. What is surprising about these, is the perfect amount of salt that accompanies each bite of sugary nutty goodness. Also, I flashbacked to Asheville, N.C. when I saw this note that the cookies contains nuts. It is always nice to know what one is getting into. It is also nice to know that you can eat things without worry--so, yay for considerate and skillful food makers.

Here are pictures of other delicious looking things that I assume were also delicious because by the end of the sale most of them were eaten by happy looking people.

Lemon cupcakes.

Jelly doughnut muffins.

Mostly empty table.

Vegan doggie treats. Yes, they exist. No, I didn't try one. Yes, I was tempted.

For more photos and descriptions from two of the fantastic baker people who made this happen, you should visit Alien's Day Out and VeganBeats.

And with that said, readers, I must bid you adieu. Monday is my day to watch The Game of Thrones and Doctor Who in a self-made double feature of tragi-whimsical wonder.

Happy Deliciousness, readers.


p.s. More pictures if that is your cuppa.

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