Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Portrait of a Sentence

"It doesn't matter if there's a ghost, or a robot, or a detective in a book, the question that should still preoccupy you is: Are the sentences worthy of hanging on the wall, one by one?"
~Benjamin Percy is profiled, along with his sister, at Salon.



  1. My friend once picked up one of these dangerous, 100% rabid bats, but escaped unscathed. Also, I now live across the street from that place mentioned in the second sentence! Clearly your recent blog posts are all signs that you should move here next. (Hurry up, because I'll probably be gone next year.)

  2. Um. I think there are other places Craig Thompson (and such) might visit that do not have rabid bat issues. Granted, they may not have you, but, erm, actually, isn't it also very cold and pretentious there? I've heard it's pretentious. A wonderfully, cranky, recovering alcoholic man told me that. (And aren't you getting a degree of some kind somewhere?)

  3. There may be a whiff of pretension in the air from time to time, but it's overall a super charming, friendly place. Occasionally overrun with little brohawks, on account of it being a college town, but they tend to keep to certain territories.

    I'd meant to be in Pittsburgh for a MLIS, but now I am not. I'll be applying for the same degree in Seattle next year, which is why my presence in Batville may be temporary.