Sunday, June 14, 2009

Displaced Werewolves And Other Goodbyes

Hello, readers.

It has been awhile. But I am back, for now. Soon I will be gone and roaming around the country in search of nothing much in particular besides old and new friends and an exceptionally comfortable pair of socks. Maybe more than one. Most of mine have begun to have holes at the toes.

It is an odd thing to leave a place. Especially a place that has people in it you like. Many of which do not like to say goodbye and so we'll find other ways, I'm sure. Shadow puppets, maybe. Or rock messages which can only be read from a rising helicopter. But seriously. What makes a werewolf cajun? Is it the accent?

There is a movie here in Oxford. It is called, Night of the Loup Garou. A friend described it as such, "A cajun werewolf is displaced by Katrina and winds up in Lafayette County Mississippi." Another friend said, "The only thing I didn't like about it is that it's not a feminist reclamation of horror. There's no Jamie Lee Curtis. Just hordes of blonde sorority girls who exist in order to glitter and die."

It's a local production, filled with Oxford familiars. You can see the trailer here. It will be seen this week by me and I will come back here and let you know if the werewolf has a cajun accent.

Wild man beheads a lot of people and steals baby picture courtesy of Lucas Cranach the Elder, Germany, circa 1510.

Happy Saturday, readers.


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  1. Is it possible to NOT make a shlocky horror movie wherein sorority girls only exist in order to glitter and die?

    And that is a cool woodcut.