Thursday, June 4, 2009

Literary Wednesday

It's Wednesday. There was a great deal of rain. I finished The Gone-Away World. It was, as I suspected, a kind of sad book, but it surprised me with the happiness and strength which it found in loss. It's quite a wonderful book. You should read it. There are ninjas, after all. And mimes.

J.D. Salinger is suing people again. Apparently, he does this a lot.

Hannah Tinti, redoubtable editor and adventuresome writer, won an award for her work as the editor-in-chief of One Story. Ms. Tinti's introducer described her as the "Princess Leia of American short fiction." I didn't understand this. But then I went here and read this--"Nash credited her with saving the short story from the Death Star of indifference. Tinti, complete with braids in her hair, accepted the accolade"--and so decided that it was all a joke of some kind. On who, or about what, I'm not entirely sure. You probably had to be there. Note: The picture comes from another event, one in which Ms. Tinti did not have braids in her hair.

If you've not read the new volume of Conjuctions, Betwixt the Between: Impossible Realism--featuring the work of Joyce Carol Oates, China Mieville, and Jedediah Berry, among others--then you are like me. Which also means that you very much want to read it and will be visiting bookstores in search of it, and if that fails, then you will possibly try to bookmooch it. If that doesn't work, you'll wait for it come out on Netflix.

And now, for me, it is back to the rain. And possibly a movie which maybe I will blog about on a future day to be called Cinematical Friday, or maybe Celluloid Tuesday. The options are limitless.

Happy Wednesday, readers.


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