Saturday, August 1, 2009

Friday Fun Things

Hello, readers.

Vampires, as well all know, are experiencing something of a resurgence these days. One might say they're bordering on overabundant. They might also say they don't sparkle. But what do "they" know. Listen to Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan discuss them here. You'll learn, among other things, that the modern vampire was based on Lord Byron and that Bram Stoker's novel gained popularity because of it's fantastic high techness. Telegraphs, you understand. If you're tired of vampires, though, you'll like this bit by Neil Gaiman. He thinks maybe their overabundance is some sort of sign that it's time for them to disappear for a while. Maybe when they come back, he says, we'll be properly terrified of them again.

In other Friday Fun Things, there is this interview with Maurissa Tancharoen about Dollhouse and Dr. Horrible. She believes in darkness and the beauty of human connection. Also, that Joss Whedon can be, on occasion, a sarcastic fellow.

Tonight, it's very possible I will go see a film called Hausu. It's about killer lampshades and kung fu school girls. Unsure whether vampires of any kind make an appearance. Belcourt Theatre called it the damndest thing they'd ever seen. Hopefully, it's fun.

Happy Friday, readers. If there are any vampires out there, try not to be so lonely. Try to make one new friend today. Try not to eat them.


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