Monday, August 24, 2009

One Of Those Days...

Hello, readers.

Sometimes there are days when nothing goes right. Days when you burn the toast and stub your toe racing towards that burny smell. Days when people who you want more than anything to say yes, only shake their heads and say, No, not anymore. There are even days, I'm told, when squirrels throw acorns at your head.

It happens.

Thankfully, there are also days like today.

Days that begin with waffles and mango kiwi syrup*.

Days that include philosophical bouts of vacuuming and scrubbing floors in which you ponder, not necessarily in this order: what will you do with your life, your lack of a job or a foreign country, your need to be writing more, and how it would be nice if people were happy and everyone had enough to eat and how you sometimes indulge too much in your own wonderings.

Days when notes appear in your inbox saying, as you hoped: yes, yes, five cents a word yes!

Days when you and your sister go see 500 Days of Summer, an occasionally self-indulgent, possibly obsessive film that, as your sister says, perhaps wasn't as big a story as it wanted to tell, but with which you fall in love anyway and so find yourself enamored with it's cartoon blue birds, spontaneous musical numbers, and Han Solo. Not to mention Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt proving that they should be in everything together. Especially musicals. They could be our Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, but less black and white or red-headed.

Days when after seeing a movie, you and your sister walk around the parking lot for an hour at sunset, discussing past loves and meanness and sometimes trying to jump and hit the roofs of things. Maybe, on a day like this, you try to run up a too steep hill, make it, then find yourself entangled in thorny rose bushes and discover the only way back down is some combination of sliding and running which causes your sister some worry as to your safety.

Days when you come home with some sushi and a Big Mac and watch with your family a BBC show about a ghost, vampire, and werewolf who all live together and have each decided to have a go at being human.

Such things could happen. Today they did.

It was one of those days, you know?

*If this were a food blog, perhaps I'd post how I made the syrup. It would say something like a cup of water plus somewhere around maybe a half to two third cups of sugar (mostly brown), along with something like a third cup of kiwi and two third cup of mango. Then it would talk about reducing the mixture, deciding it was a bit strong, and so swirling in some amount of yogurt and a very small bit of butter. And then there would be a picture of the waffles with the syrup. And maybe a caption saying, "A Scrumption Tropical Spin On An American Treat Stolen From Germany, Belgium, or Whichever European Country First Pressed Batter Between Iron Things."

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