Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sci-Fi Wednesday

Hello, readers.

Have you been watching the new Syfy? It's a wonderful example of compromised values and muddled programming. Where else could you watch dragon fighting and professional wrestling on the same night? If only they were the same show. Eureka's amusing, though.

In other disappointing sci-fi news, Jonathan Lethem lamented the squandered promise of science fiction in a 1998 Village Voice article. He blames George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, among other people. J.R.R. Tolkien being one of those other people. [via Rumpus by way of Maud]

Finally and more positively, the Hugos were announced. Hooray for The Graveyard Book, which was warm, dark, and funny, in very Gaiman-y ways. Gaiman, himself, while thankful, politely disagrees with the Hugo decision here.

More later, perhaps. Such as maybe new glasses for me. They probably won't be the x-ray type, though. So much squandered, so many dreams lost, readers. Alas.

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