Friday, August 14, 2009

Things I Missed, And Didn't

Apparently, there was a meteor shower last night. Google's meteroed logo probably should've been a hint. Reading Neil Gaiman's post about having a moment watching 28 stars fall made me feel sad for a moment to have missed it, but then I was happy again because space is very big and bits of it will keep running into us for a long time to come. Until a really big bit runs into us, of course.

Many days ago, perhaps a month's worth, I was in Oxford and it was raining. I ducked into Square Books, Jr. for dryness and the magic of books written for children and adults who haven't forgotten. Displayed prominently was a collection called, Geektastic, which contains the writings of Kelly Link, Holly Black, and many other variously geeky people. Holly Black and Cecil Castelluci (also the editors) wrote the first story, a tale of forbidden love between a Jedi and Klingon. It seemed like it would rain for a while so I read that story and enjoyed it quite a bit. At one point, a brawl breaks out between a bevy of Star Warsians and Trekkies. At another, someone's heart gets broken. The collection was mentioned today here, as part of Gavin at Small Beer updating us on the current whereabouts of many of Kelly Link's stories. Most interesting, or at least exhaustive, was this collection by Peter Straub called, American Fantastic Tales: Terror and the Uncanny from the 1940s Until Now. Kelly's "Stone Animals" makes an appearance.

And now, very near me (I am at Panera), there is a man chanting about, "Catch him do it, Catch his tail, Catch him, Catch Him, Turn out the gun." I had hoped to make mention of the wonders of watching with my mom the Paul Greengrass commentary for The Bourne Ultimatum. But this is too weird and even though now he's stopped, I find myself oddly hungry.

Things to ponder until tomorrow: How does The Bourne Identity trilogy mirror the American experience after 9/11? How is it a ghost story? What will I look like with my new glasses?

Until then, readers, try not to miss it. Whatever it is.


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