Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Hello, readers.

It's gray out there. Or is that grey? I know one of them is British and one is not-British but I can never remember which one and also, I like British things so probably "gray" is British. Let's see...nope. Gray is the U.S. form. I've been assimilated at last. Oh, well.

Speaking of assimilated, saw District 9 yesterday. Was quite impressed at how they created a movie about "otherness" and "monsters" by crafting a patchwork movie equal parts horror, Frontline-esque documentary, sci-fi action/adventure, and love story. My sister expressed reservations to me about it before I saw it, but she didn't tell me why. I would imagine it was the action/adventure bit. She has trouble with stories that end in hero versus bad guy scenarios when she expects something more nuanced. (See end of Fellowship of the Ring: Aragorn versus Head Uruk-Hai.) I was wrong about gray, though, and could be wrong about this. Perhaps she has something against documentaries.

Elsewhere, Maud Newton posted a while back about the evolutionary, and possible writerly, advantages of depression. This person disagrees. Myself, I find depression a useful, greyish-tinged, troll who says dumb, sad, sometimes wise things about the universe. He speaks in a British accent, of course. He also lives under a bridge, as most depressed people do. His name is Steve.

This is what Douglas Adams' depression looked like.

Finally, free books! One of which has a maimed rabbit on it's cover.

Happy Monday.


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  1. hey! i finally read this. YES that is one huge reason i found district 9 disappointing. you are wise, indeed. and the story of oppression, thugs, smart and normal entities reduced to the level of animalistic (no speciesist meaning intended) survival, and refugees; all familiar themes. slightly more freaky but understandable when happening to aliens, and, compelling (i cried at the first confrontation of dude with the father alien) but not really new. i expected daring social commentary. also victor pointed out many realistic holes in the plot, which i might or might not have noticed on my own, which were irritating. like, if even one alien stole one alien gun, um, maybe they could have made some headway in the escape, or at least, non-ghetto-living, department. and, i was surprised that Wikus gave in to his conscience at last. so, many things. expectations are often a problem for me. am working on that. i expect it will go well, eventually. :)