Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Miscellaneous Monday

Hello, readers.

This weekend, besides seeing the wild and run-filled wonder of Where the Wild Things Are, I caught a screening of Copyright Criminals. It's a film about music and sampling and the failure of copyright law to not be dumb.

You can read about the film here.

It was shown at the Nashville public library as part of the Independent Lens series. Afterwards, a panel discussed the film and took questions. The panel consisted of copyright lawyer, Lynn Morrow, the filmmaker Ben Franzen, and DJ Super Pimp Daddy. The panel was so arranged so that Ben sat between Lynn and Pimp Daddy. It happened that in the discussion this seemed particularly apt.

Fun fact: It's cheaper and easier to cover a song, than to sample it.

Good places to go and read about the issues include Lawrence Lessig's blog, Creative Commons, the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Go here to see if Copyright Criminals is coming to a city near you. Of course, you can also wait until January when it will come to your house. But really, getting out is good for you. There are people and sometimes free coffee and cookies.

Oh, and also, Joss Whedon is directing one of the back 9 episodes of Glee. Guess I should watch that.

Happy Monday.


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