Saturday, October 31, 2009

Seahorse Lighters, Among Other Things

Hello, readers.

It's Halloween eve. Very soon there will be multitudes of miniature monsters, ghosts, devils, spongebobs, and, erm, whatever else the kids are into these days, running about various streets, demanding candy lest their be dire consequences. This tradition dates back, of course, to prehistorical Irish times, when leprechauns dressed up like other, scarier, even more imaginary creatures, in order to dupe poor farmers and laborers into handing over shiny things. Leprechauns love shiny things, you know. They're like small birds. I don't know why they ate Jennifer Aniston.

In other news, Aimee Bender wrote a story about a significant object which may or may not be a lighter containing an ancient seahorse, possibly from Irish times. Apparently there's a whole project surrounding this story, wherein writers make up stories for random objects. Shelley Jackson wrote about a crumg sweeper. Read what Maud says about it here.

Also, Anthony Hopkins is Odin.

Nanowrimo gears up November 1st. Try not to binge too much on candy the night before.

Peter Berg leaves Dune. Neill Blomkamp, he of Distract 9 fame, is mentioned as a replacement.

Little Brother makes me want to want to be a hacker again.

Stay free, readers.

Happy All Hallow's Eve Eve.


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