Sunday, October 25, 2009

More on kangaroos

As reported previously, sometimes kangaroos are tough guys. Sometimes, though, they're like this guy here, 'roos who can't hold their liquor except in the literal sense. He will almost certainly suffer from a kangover tomorrow. Kangover is our new favorite word as coined by friend Jack yesterday in the comments section.

And now having created this post so that I could use word kangover appropriately in a sentence, my job here is done.

Good work, me.

It was nothing really.

Too true. Real work involves pretending to go to Mars. Or defending your home from zombies using zombie-zapping plants. You should do something worthwhile like that.

You're right. I've wasted my life.

No, not at all. You've only wasted the last ten minutes or so you spent searching for that picture and imagining this imaginary argument between imaginary yous.

I guess.

You know I'm right. I'm you.

Yes, you are. I guess we know what we're talking about.


Should we move on then?


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