Monday, January 18, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

Hello, readers.

Busy with certifying myself.

In other news, Zadie Smith gets it, according to the Interstitial Folk. It being that the only proper thing to be in this day and age is something in between and not quite. Here's how she says it:

“Ideological inconsistency, is, for me, practically an article of faith.”

It's from her book of essays, Changing My Mind.

Speaking of which, I just rewatched with my sister the Doctor Who episode, New Earth, that first episode of the new series' Season Two in which a woman kept sticking her mind into other people's minds and making a muck of things. There were a lot of cats in that one. It was lovely.

I wonder if mind swapping has anything to do with Avatar winning best drama at the Golden Globes.

It didn't have a single cat, you know.

Ah well.

Happy bewilderment, readers.


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  1. it didn't much drama either. if you, as i do, take 'drama' to mean in this context storytelling that rings true and has some kind of internal consistency and soul to it.