Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Of Rats and Hopes and Wonders

Hello, readers.

It's looking more and more possible that the end of February will see me flying to Seoul to teach English. It's not technically a done deal, as I've got some certifiying to finish, but I've begun orienting myself to the possibility, which mostly involves looking at food bits like this:

In other news, my super-heroish story, "The Blue Wonder," is flying over at Strange Horizons. I wrote it. You should read it. It's about a man who can fly and stuff.

Also, of note, Hope Mirrlees an author who has a lovely name and many good books which very few people have read, including me, now has a website dedicated to her. Selections from some of her works like, Lud in the Mist, and the entirety of of Madeleine are online. Mostly heard of her, as many have, through Neil Gaiman's blog. No excuses left now not to read her, I suppose.

And finally, but not lastly, Jack Pendarvis, teacher, Believer columnist, Awesome writer, and blog revolutionary, will be part of something called, "The Marginal Arts Festival," in Roanoke, Virginia. Jack is very excited about the mascot for this festival being a giant rat. Considering said mascot is made from, among other things, bicycle parts, wheelchair wheels, an Ubu stick and a rubber chicken, I think we can all agree his response is reasonable.

Happy Monday, readers.



  1. Small world. I made the Hope Mirrlees site, and I recently started reading slush for Strange Horizons. Congratulations on the story, which is wonderful, and thanks for the link!

  2. Such mystery.

    And thank you for making such things to link to and also for not pointing out misspellings which I shall now correct so that this comment will confuse future people.

    Have fun at Strange Horizons. They seem a lovely bunch.

  3. A friend recommended The Blue Wonder to me and I enjoyed it. Odd and charming and a bit sad, like a quiet person saying clever things at a loud party. So, at least two additional people liked it, and I will recommend it to others. Best of luck in Seoul.

  4. That's a lovely description. Thank you.