Monday, January 11, 2010

Snow and Things

Hello, readers.

There was snow for a bit, and now it's mostly gone. Nashville freaked out for a similar amount of time, and now things are more or less back to normal. It is a town of many hills and not nearly enough salting vehicles, you understand. It's still a bit funny, though, to watch our weather people covering the imminent snow as though it were an attack of giant lizards.

In other news, 2010 is well under way. Here's a list of new and possibly real things to wonder at:

Thing 1, the almost certainly real Vampire Weekend have their new album streaming at NPR for one more day. Also, here they are on MTV Unplugged. I was surprised, too. I didn't think MTV existed anymore, either.

Thing 2, the possibly real and definitely kind of silly idea of a spin-off to Lost. io9 discusses how Lost: The Next Generation renders satire obsolete.

Thing 3, a story of mine will appear at Strange Horizons sometime tonight, or tomorrow morning. I'm fairly certain this is real.

Also, the final episodes of the David Tennant and Russel T. Davies Doctor Who show were watched by me and Mom. It turns out that Doctors and Davies are very much like snow in that they are here for a while, people freak out, and then they are gone. Was sad to seem them go, but I was also sad to see Christopher Eccleston go and that turned out okay.

Now we have a new Doctor to doubt and worry over and hopefully, eventually, to love and miss when his time comes to melt away. Here's what he looks like now, in his unmelted state.

He looks perpetually surprised, which is how a new Doctor should look. Don't know about the gun. But I trust Stephen Moffat to be scary and sublime. It looks like he's bringing back the Weeping Angels. Don't blink, readers.


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