Thursday, September 9, 2010

Because My Sister Asked Me To

Hello, readers.

A review I wrote about a book called Stories is up at Strange Horizons.

Also, my sister asked me this weekend, "Why don't you post pictures of the cafes you're always at?"

So, the rest of this post, after the break, is for you, sister. The rest of you may look, too, if you'd like. Later, perhaps, I'll write up bits about each place. Until then, check out Alien's Day Out (a vegan in Seoul) for many and varied cafe postings. Her blog has been quite helpful in finding many places. That and this list.

On with the pictures...

More later, sister and readers.



  1. This is relevant to my interests. I love the post-it note wall.

    Wish you would have accompanied us to Dragon*Con this weekend. There were many writer panels and much debaucherous evenings.

  2. Me, too.

    To both.

    Was it costumed debauchery?

    No, no. Don't tell me. It will just make it harder.

    Yes. I did just say that.

    But, seriously. Who did you see?

  3. YAY! That's awesome, thanks! I love it. Those are amazing spaces. Now you can refer to pictures when you tell me stories (i.e. the neon cafe, the post-it note cafe, or the tree one). Because you suggested I get that no-scripts thing for FF, it took me several anxious minutes to get the comment box to appear. What if I couldn't say YAY and thanks to you publicly (albeit however many days late)? But, i have sorted it. all is well with scripts, commenting, and cafe-viewing...

  4. You're right. That is a tree. I never noticed. Was always distracted by the Volkswagon (not pictured...maybe later).