Friday, September 10, 2010


Hello, readers.

If you ever find yourself in Seoul, eat at Zelen in Itaewon. It's run by Bulgarian brothers of such attractiveness that things are said about it. The restaurant is also a very nice green with green walls and green leafy bits and a statue of a mermaid in the center which is not green.

They serve food which also is pretty.

It tastes good, too.

They've opened another branch in Hannam-dong because of their being too awesome.

One of the brothers took our orders and was very thoughtful about whether any wheat might be in anything. We talked about this. In English. It was nice. Here's what the vegeterian moussaka looks like.

For more, go here or here.

Happy eating, readers.



  1. Also, apropos not of Zelen, i noticed the addition of Zombies. just thought you should know.

    But, i am a fan of Balkan things. Bulgarians count. We must go when i come visit you so i can see them. And the restaurant too...

  2. It seemed a thing to add in terms of having fun with adding and changing things.

    You coming here would be also be a fun thing to add.