Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wonderlands, Part Two

Hello, readers.

At the Sungkok Art Museum, from now until September 26th (or November 11th), there is an exhibition called, "Over the Rainbow, Parts One and Two." It is a celebration of multiculturalism by way of industrial pipes, black lights, spice labs, waltz rooms, white blobs named Amu (which means anybody in Korean), henna, and much more!

Well, maybe not that much. But it was cool.

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The spice lab is a room in which many test tubes full of spices hang from the ceiling. There's also a table covered with small plastic bags, also full of spices. It smells wonderful.

Here is where you can have henna done while smelling the spices.

People learning to waltz.

This is the first room of part one. It's disorienting in a good way. The artists are called Yeop.

This is Amu and and his maker, Kim Kyung-Ah.

This is Amu in real life.

This is Amu being popular.

This is Amu being alone.

Faulkner said the shadow of a branch is always more interesting than the branch itself. So, this is me at my most interesting.

Happy wondering, readers.


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