Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time, You Wonky Thing

Hello, readers.

Recently, a friend sent me an article on time. She is a fan of Lost. You might call her "Lost in Orlando" if you were an advice columnist or a fan of nicknames. In any case, the article discussed why time seemingly only moves in one direction--or at least why we silly humans only observe it as moving in one direction. In physics, there's no particular reason why time can't go backwards. Everything still works out when the little t in all those equations is negative. You can read said article here.

Speaking of time, and also the future, the Interstitial Arts Foundation has posted the dates upon which the stories in the Interfictions Online Annex will go live.

Sept. 15: Genevieve Valentine, “To Set Before the King”
Sept. 22: F. Brett Cox, “Nylon Seam”
Sept. 29: Kelly Barnhill, “Four Very True Tales”
Oct. 6: Ronald Pasquariello, “The Chipper Dialogues”
Oct. 13: March Rich, “Stonefield”
Oct. 20: Kelly Cogswell, “For the Love of Carrots”
Oct. 27: Chris Kammerud, “Some Things About Love, Magic, and Hair”
Nov. 3: Eilis O’Neal, “Quiz”

I can' t wait see what the pages look like. Not to mention read the stories and learn if any of them are told from the point of view of a rabbit. My expectations are set to fantastic.

Happy Monday, readers. This day will never happen again. Or maybe it will and you won't notice it. Either way, enjoy it while it lasts.

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