Sunday, November 29, 2009

Different Things, Now With More Pie!

Hello, readers.

It's Saturday. Thanksgiving 2009 has gone the way of all Thanksgivings before it, which is to say, back in time to the land of was. This particular Thanksgiving for me and the many magnelephant members of my family involved several similar things to years past, and a few different ones.

Similar things included eating lots of turkey and sweet potatoes and seeing people we seem to see mostly at the end of each year and not so much at other parts. It's always seemed inefficient to me that Thanksgiving and Christmas occur within one month of each other. But no one asked me, and they probably didn't ask you either, so it's nice we're together on this.

Different things included me, as well as my sister and her boyfriend, both cooking Thanksgiving dinners. They occurred on different days and included different things. Mine occurred on Thanksgiving night. Seeing as how there was turkey before (lunch at a great uncle's), and after (at my sister's the next day which we'll get to momentarily), it seemed best to provide a different sort of Thanksgiving dinner. As such, this is what we ate:

Mushrooms stuffed with a mixture of cream cheese, yogurt, parsley, garlic, and a smidgen of chipotle pepper.

Ratatouille with green peppers, leeks, zuccini, and tomatoes

Twice baked potatoes. For my sister and I, this meant sweet potatoes stuffed with a puree of chipotle, honey, tomatoes, garlic, and other things I've forgotten. For others, this meant unsweet potatoes with parmesan and butter and garlic and cayenne, if that was there thing.

Roasted red pepper and herbed goat cheese lasagna.

It was all very lovely and if my sister gives me the pictures I will go back in time (I'm sensing a theme) and post pictures in the appropriate places.

We did not have dessert because of the aformentioned lunch at a great uncle's in which there was the aformentioned turkey and sweet potatoes and people we don't see all that much.

On the next day, which was yesterday, we had another dinner at my sister's house. This was different because it was a house in which we never had Thanksgiving before. Here are things we ate there:

Sweet Potato Casserole with lovely not quite burnt mashmellows which we kept calling mushrooms because we are silly and have trouble with 'm' words.

Green Bean Casserole with mushrooms that weren't marshmellows and a surprising amount of walnuts. Surprising, of course, because there was any amount at all. It worked.

Grilled Potatoes with things I don't remember but they tasted like grilled potatoes and that was good.

Grilled Turkey which tasted like oak and smoke and I will stop before anything else rhymes.

Neil Gaiman's Bestseller Pecan Pie, which caused some people to curse aloud in wonder.

And this was all very lovely, too, especially the turkey, the sweet potatoes, and the Neil Gaiman Pecan Pie.

I've since heard some parts of this pie were eaten for breakfast.

Pictures of this event may also be posted sometime in the future, although they will look, through the magic of the internet, as though they had been here all along. But we'll know better, readers, won't we?

There were other different things that happened in that they weren't there, but we'll not mention them because we had a place set in case they decided to show up without telling anyone. People do that sometimes, however impossible it may, or may not, seem.

That said, it's time to go buy more food because we ate everything we had, apparently.

Until the future, readers.


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