Wednesday, November 18, 2009


That is what I'm listening to at the moment. It is a song by one Elvis Perkins. A lot of horns. Snare drum. A feeling that if and when the apocalypse comes, this song will be played by the second line.

The funeral for the world will be in New Orleans. You didn't know?

In other news, Kurt Vonnegut is still dead. And this is still sad. He wrote a lot about the end of the world and it always made me laugh. A friend pointed out to me that Steve Almond's essay, "Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt," is online at The Rumpus. It's 60 pages long but it's worth it, according to my friend, who also pointed me to Elvis Perkins and that worked out.

And now I'm going to buy vegetables.

And then see Elvis Perkins at The Mercy Lounge where previously I saw The Walkmen and very nearly went deaf but didn't.

Happy folk rock, readers.


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