Thursday, November 19, 2009

Musical Cops and The Lack of Women Writers Who are Apparently Able to Write

Hello, readers.

The whole ___ and the ___ title format works much better if one of the blanks contains the phrase 'end of the world,' but sometimes you have to be willing to experiment.

Unless, you know, your experiment is a musical cop show called Cop Rock, which I first heard about on a commentary for one Buffy episode or another. Possible the musical one. It might have made that much sense.

At LitDrift, they have up a transcript of an iChat in which Alex and Julie discuss the wrongs and rights and maybes of musicals, cop shows, and Hugh Jackman's calves. I had no idea Hugh Jackman's calves were so calfly, or that you could post chat transcripts as articles. But both, it turns out, are good things. There is video evidence of Cop Rock's particular brand of unbrilliance, as well.

Also at LitDrift, it turns out that PW's list of Top 10 books for this year included no books by women. It also includes no books by robots, but robots, as of the present, have always had trouble organizing internet campaigns and so there has been less attention paid to their continued absence. In the future, though, there will probably be a controversy.

Also, here's Neil Gaiman's old NaNoWriMo encouragment, posted two years ago today.

And here's new encouragment.

Keep believing, readers.

And be nice to your robots, if you have any. One day they'll be people, too, and will probably make their own misguided musical robot shows that will still be sources of inexplicable joy years after their cancellation.

Ah, the future.


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