Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Under the Dome, A Brief Review of Thoughts Had While Reading The First 30 Pages

Continuing in our new series of occasionally serious reviews, here's a somewhat silly, though earnest, review of my thoughts while reading the first 30 pages of Stephen King's Under the Dome.

Under the Dome
Stephen King
Scribner, November 2009
1088 pages (of which the reviewer has read 30)

First, my thoughts:

What? Why? That woodchuck just got split in two and you're describing its bits wriggling and now you're choking women while airplanes explode in mid-air and body parts rain from the sky! Calm down, sir. Calm down. You've got 1000 pages to kill and maim things and explore your conflicting needs for 1950s family values and flaming torsos.

My review of those thoughts: They exhibit a tendency towards excitability which seems to lead to the thinker repeating the word 'and' a lot. He should be careful with that.

ttfn, readers.

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