Saturday, September 5, 2009

Friday Fun Things

So, it's Labor Day weekend. Football will start soon. Leaves will turn poignant. And, much sooner, I, my sister, and a friend who shall be named, Friend Who One Time Stole A Thing For Another Friend-Not-Me (FWOTSATFAFNM), will be travelling to Washington, D.C. There, among other things, we may try out a kosher restaurant called, Eli's, which, according to FWOTSATFASNM, is quite wonderful.

Here are other wonderful things which are currently scattered about my tabs:

On the awesomeness of ladies and their need to carry on being awesome. [LCRW]

R. Crumb illustrates Genesis. [3Quarks]

What to Expect for the Expected, a guide to fetal living.

Rogert Ebert, in Granta, writes about drinking, mythologizing, and other activities in the bars of Chicago in the late 60s and 70s. It's part of Granta's Chicago issue, which features a cover by Chris Ware, and many other possibly wonderful things as described by acting editor John Freeman, here.

Shirin Neshat discusses her film, Women Without Men. Many interesting things are said about magic, art, and Iran.

Prehistoric Pulp.

Speaking of which, I was asked recently by the Sad, Wise Woman for a contemporary writer in the vein of J.G. Ballard. I was stumped. I turned to gnod and tastekid. They came up with possibilities such as China Mieville. It occurred to me I might do better asking the Interweb more directly, so, if any passerby happens to pass by and has any suggestions, please suggest. Also, hello.


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