Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Ain't No Porcupine

Hello, readers.

It's Friday. This means many things.

It means new movies like Jennifer's Body, which may or may not be accidentally(?) sexist despite it's hopes to subvert the horror genre into a vehicle for girl empowerment.

It means day of Venus, or possibly Freyja, depending on your mythological point of view.

It means that possibly you dressed in a casual manner because Fridays are casual attire day at your office and that means time to break out, perhaps, this clever little number from Think Geek.

Being Friday, it also means that tomorrow I will make pomegranate molasses as demonstrated by Alton Brown. I find weekends best for culinary experimentation.

Perhaps there will be pictures. You never know.

Happy weekend, interweb people.


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