Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Karaoke is a kind of grief...

Have recently discovered and become enamored with The Frothy Monkey. It sounds like something which might have rabies, but it is not. It is a coffee shop in Nashville where they serve multitudes of coffees and teas with names like Popeye, Zelda, and Midnight Moonlight. They also are frequented by people with lovely tattos (of lions and vines and suns, oh my) and the occasional pair of hipsterish cowboy boots. This is Nashville, after all.

And it's begun to smell like Fall, which is nice.

Other nice things include new books. Here are two.

Publisher's Weekly has a review up for Shut Up, Ugly, the one day possible book by Jack Pendarvis. It has been written, but as of yet, not quite printed all that much. It's a mysterious noir about a detective who's so unobservant as to have grown fat without his noticing. A girl, probably of some sex appeal, notes at one point that, "Karaoke is a kind of grief." PW says it reminds one of a series of Abbot and Costello adventures. Hopefully, it exists some day.

There's a new book by Alan DeNiro approaching. It is called, Total Oblivion, More or Less. It's about a girl and her family and their escape down the Mississippi from invading hordes of horsemen. Dan Chaon says, "Imagine if Huck Finn had been living in post-apocalypse America, and Terry Pratchett had been promoted to God, with George Saunders as his avenging angel." How can you not trust hyperbole like that?

And now, I'm off to buy fresh vegetables. Possibly zucchini, maybe some eggplant.

ttfn, readers.

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