Friday, September 4, 2009

Illustrated Thursday

Hello, readers.

We all loved picture books when we were children and much smarter than we are now. I'm not entirely sure why most people stop looking at picture books when they grow up. Perhaps someone has done a study somewhere.

There is a blog, Drawn!, which sometimes I frequent. It is a blog devoted to cartooning and illustration and Canada.

Here is a picture of a tentacle accelerator, as drawn by David Franzese and promoted by Drawn! blogger, John Martz. Follow the link for more ray guns which sometimes come equipped with forks and knives.

Today, John also mentioned art by David Paleo, but I will not post an example. I will only say that his art is somewhat dark and possessed of a slight whimsy. There is a sad teddy bear in one. Of note, Peleo's blog calls itself, Monster Without A Cause, and so you know it's awesome, or magnelephant, as the case might be if we pause and remember the name of our own blog.

Here is a picture from Eaten By Ducks, a blog full of similarly lovely and creepy images which is sometimes posted on by Paleo.

Alas, poor hobbit, I knew thee well.


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