Thursday, September 17, 2009

Things, And More Things

It's Wednesday. Tonight, Top Chef is on. It would be cool if they made whoopie pies on Top Chef. These are things I didn't know existed until today. They are like oatmeal cream pies except instead of oatmeal, cream is squeezed between two bits of cake, usually chocolate, sometimes pumpkin. Here's a picture.

In other news, here are links.

The Online Annex at the Interstitial Arts Foundation is indeed online, and the first story, To Set Before the King by Genevieve Valentine, is up.

New Scientist is holding a flash fiction contest.

Square Books, an independent and wonderful balcony having bookstore in Oxford, MS, has been around 30 years. Here's a video about that.

"Everything that matters is invisible. Except everything. And matter..." John Lloyd, British type, talks at TED about the importance of invisible things.

The 2009 Southern Festival of Books takes place October 9-11. It will happen in Nashville. Kate DiCamillo will be there. Cool.

Happy Wednesday, readers.


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